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2022 Children's Camp will be:
 August 1 - 5


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SDMI COUNCIL For 2021-2022

Ex-Officio:  Dr. Greg Mason, Dist. Supt.
E-mail:  greg.ncnazarene@gmail.com
Phone:  704-540-8300

Chairman:  Jeffrey Spangler
Email:  spanglerj33@gmail.com 
Phone:  910-483-3605

Secretary:  Marian Dabbs
Email:  marianslocustministry@gmail.com 
Phone:  336-953-1873

Treasurer:  Dawn York
Email: dyorkoffice4@gmail.com

Phone:  864-812-1869

NMI President: Donna Sisk
Email:  ssisk2@carolina.rr.com
Phone:  704-419-9358

NYI President:  Angela Rivas
Email:  arivas0812@gmail.com
Phone:  910-514-8714


Children's Ministries Director:  Hannah Dolin
Email:  hannah.dolin@ctnaz.org
Phone:  704-654-2623

Children's Camp Director:  Crystal Curasi
Email:  curasic1@yahoo.com
Phone:  301-653-3533

Children's Bible Quiz Director: Tim & Hannah Dolin
Email:  tim.dolin@gmail.com  Kids'Quizzing is at http://ncbiblequizzing.com/
Phone:  704-654-2623 (Hannah)


Adult Ministries Director:  Phillip Modlin
Email:  phillipmodlin@gmail.com
Phone:  704-360-3342


Women's Ministries Director:  Patience West
Email:  ministry@thebridgelkn.com
Phone:  318-451-3737

Lay Member at Large:  Candace Watson
Email:  candisimo01@gmail.com
Phone:  704-351-3949


Lay Member at Large:  Teresa Bell
Email:  teresa2355@gmail.com
Phone:  704-867-6754

Ministerial Member:  Kyle DeLong
Email:  kedelong12@yahoo.com
Phone:  828-838-2428


Ministerial Member:  Tommy Thompson
Email:  tomtheteenman@aol.com
Phone:  336-848-1541